We are often asked to give a “Ball Park Figure” or estimate on total cost involved to restore a customer’s project. No one can give an HONEST estimate because you cannot foresee the unknown. All of these factors play an important roll in final cost.

How much rust is involved?

How much dis-assembly must be done?

How many parts will need to be replaced?

How much time will it take to locate such parts?

How long will it take to fabricate any unavailable parts?

What will be the quality level of the received parts?

How long will it take to bring such parts to a higher quality level?

What changes and/or modifications are desired by the customer?

Expect Some Cost Adjustments

There are too many unknowns about every project and we do our very best to keep cost down to complete the project.

It is our desire to provide the best end result that we can possibly achieve as the quality and workmanship of the project will attest to our reputation as an Automotive Restorer long after project completion.


When the decision has been made to begin the project, a contract will be negotiated between BVAR and the customer. The contract covers how payments will be made and lists exactly what work will be done as part of the project.


WE DO NOT TAKE DEPOSITS!!!!!! We have found the #1 cause of people being taken advantage of is deposits. Other shops will rob Peter to pay  Paul, and when the customer finally catches on,  they move to a new victim. We get paid only after work has been preformed. All work performed is fully documented. invoices are created on or about the 1st and 15th of each month,until the project is completed. If payment is not made in a timely manner, the project will stop until payment is received.


Payments can be made over the phone and in person by the following acceptable methods:

  1. ALL major credit cards
  2. Check
  3. Cash
  4. Debit card – In person or over the phone

Please contact Brazos Valley Auto Restorations if there are any questions. (979)220-5802